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Design of a Multi-Directional Autonomous Mobile Robot with Robotic Arm for Object Retrieval in Manufacturing Systems

Transportation in warehouses and production workshops is a matter of urgency today. Most warehouses arrange routes for circulation along the shelves, transportation vehicles will move on this road to perform the task of exporting or importing goods. Routes will be arranged to move in one direction because vehicles do not have enough space to turn around in cramped warehouses. This causes many difficulties in planning the trajectory for transportation vehicles, especially self-propelled vehicles. In our study, we present the design and development of a self-propelled robot capable of omnidirectional movement and equipped with a 3-DoFs serial manipulator for object manipulation. The robot employs an image processing algorithm for object classification based on colors recognition. It utilizes four stepper motors for Mecanum wheels motion and three stepper motors to control the robotic arm. An Arduino Mega board enables precise control of these motors. The mechanical model is designed using Solidworks, with the robotic arm 3D printed and the mobile robot's structure laser-cut from Mika sheets. The final prototype is assembled by integrating these components. The image processing algorithm enhances object classification, accurately detecting objects based on color. Additionally, a line tracking algorithm aids in efficient path navigation. The robot autonomously moves to designated locations, picks up objects with its robotic arm, and transports them as needed. With omnidirectional mobility, robotic arm manipulation, and intelligent image processing, this robot proves valuable for various applications.

Mobile Robot, Serial Robotic Arm, Mecanum Wheel, Omni-Directional, Object Retrieval

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Tri Dung Nguyen, Trung Hao Tran, Duy Phuong Dinh. (2023). Design of a Multi-Directional Autonomous Mobile Robot with Robotic Arm for Object Retrieval in Manufacturing Systems. Advances in Applied Sciences, 8(4), 122-130.

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Tri Dung Nguyen; Trung Hao Tran; Duy Phuong Dinh. Design of a Multi-Directional Autonomous Mobile Robot with Robotic Arm for Object Retrieval in Manufacturing Systems. Adv. Appl. Sci. 2023, 8(4), 122-130. doi: 10.11648/j.aas.20230804.11

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Tri Dung Nguyen, Trung Hao Tran, Duy Phuong Dinh. Design of a Multi-Directional Autonomous Mobile Robot with Robotic Arm for Object Retrieval in Manufacturing Systems. Adv Appl Sci. 2023;8(4):122-130. doi: 10.11648/j.aas.20230804.11

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